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Carlin How Carnival Pram 1953

A further picture from the 1953 Coronation Carnival celebrations; Moira Smith and Coronation Queen Ann Robinson are shown with the winning ‘Best Dressed Pram’, again on the football field beyond The Bullet on Kilton Lane. Ann and the Archive would welcome any memories of this event and possibly add more details of attendance.

Image and details courtesy of Ann Robinson.

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  • Derick Pearson

    I remember these events; the houses behind are the third row of Bells Huts. Probably numbers 17,16 and 15; as no 18 the top one is hidden by the tent. I lived in the top one until 1950 and you could look over the garden fence and see all the carnivals and the football matches that took place. Directly where those houses were is where the Foundry is now.

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