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Carlin How – Grosvenor Terrace 1911

Initially the Archive noted this picture of Grosvenor Terrace in 1911 appeared to show completion of the terrace. However Alan Pearson advised: “This would only be completion of the half of Grosvenor Terrace up to Stan Massey’s house. The 1915 Ordnance Survey map seems to show the top half still uncompleted, although Queen Street, Coronation Street, and part of Gladstone Street are there by then”. However the image also provoked discussions; Derick Pearson advised: “Note the heavy gauge wood scaffolding that was used in those days. It took a lot more putting together than the man today could with a couple of spanners hung in his side pods and a handful of ready-made clips “. Eric Johnson also commented: ” I noticed the ‘double’ jib crane, in the background of the photograph, which appears to be inside the works. I have some knowledge of steelworks machinery, but this construction puzzles me”. Derick Pearson assisted with: “I have only seen this once before at Warrenby Steelworks in the mid 1960s. It was mounted on a long bed railway truck. It was not a Jib Crane, but a different configuration altogether. Now if it was on a truck as the one I saw at Warrenby, could it have been Railway equipment? More importantly, there were differing dates for the filling in of the viaduct and the work which went on around the lower lines under the viaduct, but as this is 1911 it could well have played a part in that work as the work was not complete until 1913 according to most sources. When the photo is zoomed in, one can clearly see lifted loads on both sides. The one on the right is high up about the height of the center rope drum top and the one on the left just above the sleeper fence/wall. Is it what might be called a Double Derrick type”. The Archive asks can anybody help in identifying the gentlemen in the photograph?

Image from a collection compiled by Derick Pearson; thanks to Eric Johnson, Derick Pearson and Alan Pearson for the updates.




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