Hudson Girls Early 1900’s

Looks like the girls have both got new bicycles, but how did they ride them in those long dresses? Annie and Mary Hudson lived at 3 Dixon Street, Carlin How and their father John William Hudson (listed in the 1911 Census) was a Deputy Overman at Bells Pit; their mother Louisa, sister Ivy and brothers Alfred and William. The Hudson family had lived for some years in Bells Huts, which would be close to where this photograph was taken. Derick Pearson advises us that this photograph was taken: ”on Kilton Lane near Carlin How, looking from the Kilton Lane allotment entrance towards where the pylon now stands in what used to be ”Miller Jim’s” field on the right; at the entrance to the old Texas Playingfields on the left going toward Carlin How.” Both lived for many years afterwards, with Mary living in Redcar till her death in 1965 and Annie also living in Redcar until her death in 1973. A further image of the Hudson sisters with their mother and grandmother has been made available to the Archive and will shortly be displayed.

Image from a collection complied for an exhibition in Carlin How in 198os by Derick Pearson, supplementary information from Census information on Ancestry and Find My Past; also many thanks to Derick for the update on location.

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  • Mike Richardson

    These ladies are my 2nd Great Aunts. I would be interested to see the further picture to be published mentioned above. Their mother would be Louisa Hudson (nee Money) and Grandmother, either Elizabeth Hudson (nee Parker) or Mary Money (nee Tyers).

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