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Pupils Lined Up For?

No teacher again, pupils on the loose, but all in a line what are they waiting for?

Mark Smith, Michael Merryweather, Amanda Brogan, Hayley Maxfield, Lesley Clarke, ??, Sandy Ainsley, Marie Gray, Jackie Champion, Susan Phillips, Sandra Leng, Gillian Harrison, Linda Norris, Sharon Swales.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Jeff Allinson and Sharon Stone for the updates.

Were You In This Class?

The class of 1975/6 it is believed.

Back row: Belinda Gillance, David Allison, John Hamilton, Mark Smith, Jason Williams, Christopher Barrett, Richard Mann, Gary Pursley, Ian Drury, Richard Eltherington, Paula Crossland.

Middle row: Lynne Patterson, Tracy Battersbee, Lesley Forrest, Rebecca Lodge, Susan Theobald, Maxine Wheatley, Michelle Gray, Gail Dawson, Rosemary Stone, Louise Ditchburn, Angela Robson, Alison Rowe, Andrea Parker.

Front row: Jeff Allinson, Mark Nicholson, Peter Stevenson, Ian Collinson, Roy Dickinson, Martin Cockburn, Michael Garbutt, John Aitken, Neil Middlemass, James Dobson, Andrew Ward.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson. Thanks to Jeff Allinson for update on the names and possible date, as well as Tom Webster, Michael Garbutt and John Aitken for other missing names.

Mr Forster And Class Of 1977

Viewers of the site must have been sick of of our requests for help, but once again we have all the names. Many thanks to all concerned.

This photograph was taken Jubilee year, these were in last year of juniors.

Top row: Tim Gill, Adrian Dawson, Geoff Grayson, Andrew Conn, Stephen Beckwith, Stephen Glover (in Jaws jumper), Richard Sharp, Ken Templeman, Craig Urban.

Third row: John Samways, June Dobson, Julie Nicholson, Beverly Lawson, Jane Etches, Gillian Boocock, Gillian Logan, Sandra Walker, Denise Wyres, Linda Gray.

Second row: Michael Nicholson, Mark Noble, Pete Nicholson, Wendy Garbutt, Linda Cook, Kay Douglas, Simon Hobson, Roger Clark, Mark Knaggs

Front row: Andrew Barnes, Paul Pasco, Richard Fox, Alan Miller , Mark Unthank.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Andrew Barnes, Ken Templeman, June Walker, Steve Pasco and Peter Nicholson for updated names.

Were you Here With Mr Sayers?

Back Row: Keith Harrison, Karl Kaperski, Wayne Boyes, Richard Muir, Patricia Nicholson, Sue Pearson, Sharon Main, Caroline Tilley, Elaine Riley , Mr Tom Sayers.

Third Row: Mandy Richardson, Elaine Garbutt, Carol Barber, Jean Elsegood, Paula Snowdon, Deborah Wilkins, Debra Theobald, Jane Melville, Barbara Cotterill, Pamela Bland.

Second Row: Simon Lodge, Paul Ritchie, Dave Walker, Lee Spoor, Mark Byers, Neil Yeoman, Carl Marsay, Vincent Dodds.

Front Row: Michael Breckon, Craig Pearson , Paul Janicki, David Etherington.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Mandy Richardson, Paul Peart, Kerry Taylor, Karl Marsay, Alexandra and Deborah Gill for names.

Were You In Mr Foster’s Class – 1979

Back row: Anthony Stringer, Mark Elliott, Anne Marie Selley, Pauline Magor, Mandy Jacklin, Paula Smith, Mark Dales, Jimmy Pearson, Nigel Whitaker, Roy Fishlock, Kaye Forrest.

Middle row: Glen Urban, Stephen Walker, Mark Lindsey, Sean Parry, Guy Hall, Jayne Pickard, Janine Hudson.

Front row: Nigel Earl, Steven Barnes, Joy Douglas, ??, June Parry, Kay Battersby, Sharon Oglesby, Clare Hudson.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, with thanks to Mike Allison, Pauline Magore and Glen Utban for assistance with names.

Mr McKenna And Pupils

Back Row: Mr McKenna, Graham Butters, Steve Temple, Michelle Williams, Gillian Thomasson, Annette Lacey, Debbie Trattles, Elaine Boocock, Lorriane (Lucy) Jefferson, Jayne Orange, ?? .

Middle Row: Wendy Dooley, Richard Jefferson, Mark Yeoman, Karen Marsay, ?? , Susan Morrison, Ron Atkinson, Tryphena Forest.

Front Row: Michelle Burns, Steven Hill, Martin Ellwood, Andrew Sharp, Wayne Smith, Paul Harland, ?? , Angela Dixon, Sarah Jane Cottle.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Karen Marsay, Craig Urban, Pauline Magor, Kate Hutchinson, Gillian Saunders (Thomasson), Margaret Atkinson and Karen Marsay for names to date. Can anybody help with the missing ones?

Mr McKenna Again

Yes it’s Mr McKenna; and we now know the names of most of the young people and the year was 1977.

Back Row: Mr McKenna, Ken Morrison, Steve Whitlock, Steve Berwick, Nigel Todd, Keith Bowman, Dave Weed.
Middle Row: Adrian Harding, Keith Money, Paul Neal, Richard Lancaster, Mark Shaw, Mark Hood, Roy Philips
Front Row: Alison Ward, Michelle England?, Angela Vincent, Caroline Muxlow, Dawn Elliot, Lorraine Steyert.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Mike for the date, also David for the final touch.

Miss Long and Class Of 1979

Back Row: Miss Long (just!), Matthew Williams, Martin Grey, Mark Peel, Guy Hogan, Stuart Urban, Timothy Gray, Richard Bell, ?? .

Middle Row: Kiri Sakelaropolous, Robert Urban, Graham Jackson, Alison Smith, Pamela Hird, Lisa Hamilton, Sharon Easton, Diane Soloman, Sharon Smith.

Front Row: Michael Laity, Martin Pressick, Hazel Brown, Teresa Smith, Denise Allen, Anne Marie Park, Donna Reeve, Tina Jackson, Paul Ridley.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Denise, Trevor, Stuart Urban, J Wilson, Pauline Magor, Hazel and Tim Gray for updates, anyone else recognise themselves or others?

Mrs Leybourne And Pupils

Back row: Ricky Williams, Martin Sissons, Stephen Welford?, Christopher Lindsey(Fuzz?), David Stevenson, Gary Wassall, Rodney Winspear, Mrs Leybourne.

Middle row: Sharon Pascoe, Claire Hodgson, Kirsten Hoyle, Jill Hodgson, Andrea Fenwick, Kate Hutchinson, Cheryl Stevenson, Deb Tilley, Dawn Norris, Linda Cocks.

Front row: Malcolm Dickinson, Paul McCloud, Gary Adamson, Jacqui Jackson, Nicola Radford, Susan Todd, Lorraine Wheatley, Michelle Moon, Elaine Lightfoot, Jenny Healy.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Eric Johnson, Pauline Magor, Lorraine Wheatley, Tim Gray, Susan Todd and Kate Hutchinson for updates on names.

Festival Of Britain

I had forgotten what the festival of Britain was all about so I have checked with Google and  it ’Celebrated the Nation’s Recovery after the Second World War’.   Do you remember the pageant on Hird’s field in Loftus and were you there? I think this was Mavis Cuthbert under the disguise; some of those around her are:- Pat Vasey, Ann Dodsworth and Barbara Craggs, any other names welcomed.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, names to date courtesy of Joan Jemson.