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Mrs Leybourne And Pupils

Back row: Ricky Williams, Martin Sissons, Stephen Welford?, Christopher Lindsey(Fuzz?), David Stevenson, Gary Wassall, Rodney Winspear, Mrs Leybourne.

Middle row: Sharon Pascoe, Claire Hodgson, Kirsten Hoyle, Jill Hodgson, Andrea Fenwick, Kate Hutchinson, Cheryl Stevenson, Deb Tilley, Dawn Norris, Linda Cocks.

Front row: Malcolm Dickinson, Paul McCloud, Gary Adamson, Jacqui Jackson, Nicola Radford, Susan Todd, Lorraine Wheatley, Michelle Moon, Elaine Lightfoot, Jenny Healy.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Eric Johnson, Pauline Magor, Lorraine Wheatley, Tim Gray, Susan Todd and Kate Hutchinson for updates on names.

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