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Can You Name Them All (Slice 3)

The third and final slice! Pauline Magor comments: “OMG that’s me in the purple jumper and blue trousers, still no fashion sense now lol!”

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Pauline Magor for the update.

Can You Name Them All (Slice 2)

The second slice!

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Can You Name Them All (Slice 1)

I’ve sliced up the image into three sections, I can’t enhance the detail because it’s a textured photograph unfortunately.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Carlin How Junior School (1952/53)

Geoff Harland says that he thinks the following list of names is right – but as he’s just recovering from a house move!

Back row: Alan Tebble, Ian Matthews, Freddie Simpson, Garry Simpson, Colin Myers, Terry Rawlings, Michael Moore, Mike Norris, Geoff Harland. Centre row (L to R): Dave Preston, Brian Young, David Maskell, Alan Lancaster, Geoff Tilburn, Tom Cockburn, Gordon Atkinson, Dave Willis, Ray Furness, Alan Pierson, Dave Berry.

Front row: Jennifer Smith, Maxine Foster, Kathleen Welford, Judy Roe?, Colin Grainger, Teresa Johnson, Judith Evans, Pam Collinson, ? Pearson.

Image courtesy of Geoff Harland; thanks to Brian Young for additional names and corrections, also Bob Doe, Judith Evans and Derick Pearson for the updates.

School Production

This one took some preparation; it arrived as an A3 image badly creased!  Scanned in two passes, stitched together and ‘Photoshopped’ to remove the crease, cropped and reduced back to A4.  We asked questions and the answers are: Loftus Junior School production of The Old Music Hall and the year is probably 1981/2, but we await a definite. The annotation will take some time. But we can identify the following: girl in centre possibly Paula Danby, Rebecca Bowman is little girl in the bonnet on the right with hands together and Olivia McBurney is is seated front row, she is the little girl all in white with a white bonnet. We await other names.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Dan Ferguson, Rebecca Bowman and Barbara McBurney for the updates.

Mr McKenna at the Old Bull and Bush – 1985

Back row: Kevin Hampton, Martin Lonsdale, Steven Fenby, Leigh Winspear, Mark Scott, Steven Marsay, Mr D. McKenna.

Third row: Joseph Bainbridge, David Robinson, Ian Robinson, Sally Buckton, Debbie Slassor, Tracey Money, Karen Lydsey, Louisa Wilson, Stephen Caley, Gary Flood .

Second row: Beverley Johnson, Cathy Elliott, Linzi Hodgson, Michelle Hutchinson, Ruth Paulie, Kirsty Blythe, Claire Bailey, Joanne Yardy, Helen Neasham.

Front row: Simon Best, Stephen Janicki, David Wilson, John Dean, Paul Sargeant.

Tom Sayers has told the Archive: ”One of the annual Christmas Shows organised by Mrs Leybourne. The scenery was painted by Mrs Himsworth. I took this photograph along with many others.”
Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Vera and Paul Sergeant, Steve Marsay, Mark Scott, Gary Flood and Andrea Tyzack for the barrage of names, and fittingly thanks to David McKenna for the last name!

An evening to remember – St Joseph’s School – 1940?

Apologies for the condition of this image. We know where it was taken, the occasion is unknown and even the date is a guess. Can anybody help?

Image courtesy of Maureen Hogan.

Brotton Primary School – 1932

The question is: “What was the production and who were the participants?” We know the year as well as the location and assume it is possibly some school production. Can anybody assist? Malcolm Nellist advises: “I’m not sure but the lad third row from the front first on the left as you see it could be my dad, he would be 8 at the time Alan Nellist,
Image courtesy of Julie Riddiough and thanks to Norma Nellist for the update.

A Teacher And Her Class

The teacher was Mrs Trixie Addison who was from Greta Road Skelton.

Back row: Mrs Addison, Sharon Rowe, Athena Sakelaropoulos, Jane Louth, Jeanette Stephenson, Nina ?, Helen Beachaump, Tracy Craggs.

Third row: Amanda Jemmerson, Andrew Smith, David Turner, Mark Osbourne, Andrew Champion, Sean Smithies, Ian Tennant, Philip Harris.

Second row: Michael Skidmore, Danny Kemp, Michael Dorgan, Wayne Hunter, Courtney Hood?, David Patton, Andrew Bland, Christopher ”Greenie” Green.

Front row: Deborah Evans, Tracy Joplin, ??, ??, ??, Louise Tilburn.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Mr Sayers, Adam Cuthbert, Rachel, Pauline, Helen, Deborah Stone, Tracy Craggs, Michael Dorgan and Wayne Hunter for updated names.

Pupils On Their Own.

Believed to be Mr Foster’s Class in 1975? But were you there?

Back row: Ruth ?, Tracy Brown, Karen Franks, Paula Park, Sue Pearson, Katherine Riley, Sally Stonehouse, Lynne Janicki, Eileen Byers, Stephanie Auckland, Jane Forrest, Mandy Garbutt, Julie Allinson, Julie Hollingsworth.

Middle row: Alison Brown, Lynne Kentfield, Alison Anderson, Helen Dewsbury, ??, ??, Stephen Housam, Andrew Urban, Karl Noble, Tony Mead, David Porritt.

Front row: Carol Todd, Mark Basham, Paul Bint, Christopher Smith, Keith Jefferson, David Hall, Martin Butters, William Kitchener, David Stephenson, Edwin Sawdon.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson; with thanks to Jeff Allinson, Karen Franks (via Alan Franks), TomWebster and Martin Richardson for names updates.