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Junior School Choir 1951

School choir I remember it well, Mrs Garbutt and Miss Trevillion, Whitby Spa  singing ’The Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird’ if I remember rightly, the members of the choir were:-

Back row: Tony Trattles, Michael Grant, Sidney Robson, Brian Hall, Ronnie Knight, Tom Williams, Alan Chester, Ken Johnson, David Hore.

Middle row: Sheila Mead, Gwen Stainthorpe, Joan Money, Ann Dodsworth, Mavis Cuthbert, Pauline Ward, Rita Chadwick, Judith Trowsdale, Dorothy Rouse, Elizabeth Trowsdale.

Front row: Joanna Long, Marjorie Burnside, Susanne Nelson, Joy Pledger, Valerie Watson, Pat Vasey, Marjorie Easton, Dorothy Hodge, Wendy Denton.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Junior School Band

No names to this photograph at first, looks as though there may have been a performance of some play.  But what was the performance and who were the performers?  Some of them I know, but not many, I am relying on you to fill in the missing names.

Back row: Mike  Hoare, Fred Baldwin, Dave Winspear, Robin Bielby, Peter Dobson, John Ditchburn,  Eric Johnson, John Nellist, Jenny Blewitt, John Swales, Christopher Williams.

Third row: Bob ward, Mike Grange, Joe Verrill, Margaret Turnbull, Maureen Cook, Rod Evans, Jonathon Clark, John Jefferson, Peter Ellwood.

Second row: Jean Warrell, Jean Shaw, Lorraine Dale, Sheila Spearpoint, Babs Cummings, Veda Todd, Christine Norminton, Shelagh Barwick, Dot Bard, Dot Hill.

Front row: Mike Batchelor, Harvey Walby, Mike Pearson, John Oglesby, Charles Peggs, Ronnie Ward, ?? Ann Wale, Val Jackson, Joyce Green. A performance for the Festival Of Britain 1951.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks for filling in the blanks to Eric Johnson and Mike Hore.

Miss Manship and her Class

Was this photograph taken 1955 or 1956? I am sure you can tell me and many thanks for the help with the missing names.

Back row: David Rudsdale, David Craggs, Gordon Cannon, Peter Lillie ‘Lillybomb’, ??, William Liddle, Ian Goodwill.

Middle row: Billy Douthwaite, Geoff Robinson, Ray Brown, Brian Parker, Melvyn Cook, Eric Trembath, Keith Galilee, Keith Tilburn, Desmond Hodgson, Raymond Binks, Robert Watson, John Sawdon, ??, Graham George.

Front row: Michael Robinson, Peggy Tebble, Marion Hicks, Christine Lindsey, Maureen Simpson, Susan Laverick, Miss Manship, Margaret Maudsley, Brenda Cook, Janet Shaw, Marian Smith, Ann Ramsey, Pauline Bibby.

Oh if I could only meet up with a few of the young rascals from this picture I’m sure that between us we could complete this puzzle!

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks David, Ray Binks, Melvyn, Eric Trembath and Derek Miller for updates on names.

Help – 1951 Festival of Britain?

We asked for ”Help is definitely needed here as we didn’t know what was happening and who the pupils were in the photograph.” Peter Spearpoint tells us: ”Zetland Juniors in Duncan Place; Old King Cole’s band, the boy in white suit on the right is Peter Spearpoint;  I have the photograph at home!”

Back row: Peter Thompson, Brian Richardson, ??, Ken Fawcett, Peter Spearpoint, Pam Middleton, ??, ??, Keith Wilkinson?, ??, ??.

Front row: ??, Dorothy Harmer, Rosemary Stonehouse, ??, ??, David Bramwell, ??.

Peter Thompson tells us: ”I seem to remember performing this at the town hall so whether it was for the Festival of Britain, 1951, I don’t know. If it was 1951 I would be seven and a half years old. This was a playlet based on the nursery rhyme “Old King Cole”. The two in the front row in romper suits are either both mice or a black cat and a white mouse.”

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Janet Lingard (nee Thompson) who assisted by brother Peter Thompson (drum player in image!) for the updates; also to Peter Spearpoint for the additional update..

The Festival Again

Looks as though pupils are gathering in the playground before walking to the field,  I don’t see anyone I know do you? Janet Lingard advises: “I’m third from left and I think the tall girl could be Jean Parkinson”

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Janet Lingard for the update.

Loftus Junior School – 1950?

Can hardly imagine these cute boys and girls at Loftus Junior School are all now senior citizens.

Back row: Leslie Smith, ??, John Mitchell, Jimmy Fishlock, Michael Mathews, John Thornton, Colin Shaw, Neil Theaker, Lawrence Bibby, Richard Jackson, James Peart.
Middle row: Margaret Patton, Audrey Magor, Mary Young, Dorothy Maudsley, Margaret Vasey, Dorothy Rouse, Della Burdett, Ann Shaw, Joy Pledger, Joan Money, Sheila Mead, Ann Wilson, Masie Hewison.
Front row: Elizabeth Trowsdale, Janet Atkinson, Pauline Cook, Joanna Long, Dorothy Featherstone, Marjorie Burnside, Pat Collins, Pat Kidd, Gwen Stainthorpe.
Seated front: Linden Lambelle, Barry Matson, Edwin Warrell, Colin Craggs.
Only one name missing does anyone know who it is?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, names courtesy of Joan Jemson, Della Archer and Eric Johnson.

Footballers 1950-51

Loftus Junior School with a proud football team, must have been a good season!

Back row:  Thomas Cummings, Derek Arden, Ronnie Knight, Sidney Robson, Peter Campbell,  Ken Johnson, Michael Cornforth, Brian Cole.

Seated:  Brian Hall,  Reg Wilson,  Michael Grant, Tony Trattles (Captain), Alan Chester, Harry Jopling, Mr Richardson.

Were you at the school when Mr Richardson came?  The first male teacher we had come into contact  with; he set girls hearts a flutter! John Richardson tells us: ”Mr. Richardson was my uncle Dennis, I remember my Gran saying that he was much sought after by the local young ladies. Eventually he married my auntie Ruth Nellist of Brotton. In the early 1960s he took over as headmaster at Gilling West, near Richmond, and finally moved on to Stillington near York, where he retired from teaching.”

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Mike Richardson, Billy Parkin and Mike Hore for the missing names; also to John Richardson for the update.

Eskdale Tournament of Song – 1953/4

Loftus (Zetland) Junior choir at the Eskdale Tournament of Song in 1953/4.

Back row:  Dorothy Harmer, Kathleen Ellerker, Sandra Husband, Eric Lancaster, Robert Bradley, Norma Grainger, Maureen Jefferson, Ruth Simpson, Carol Goodwill

Second row:  Judy Mead, Christopher Williams, Brian Richardson, Heather Woodall, Hazel Laverick

Third row:  Rosemary Stonehouse, Margaret Theaker, Pauline Ferguson, Margaret Carver, Ann Winspear, Dianne Dunwell,  Dorothy Pledger(?)

Front row:  Mr Godfrey, Valerie Tate, Doreen Warrell(?), Frances Smithies, Dorothy Johnson, Eileen Benson, Jean Sawdon, Joan Craggs, Miss Currie.

Image courtesy of Margaret Urban (from a Doran of Whitby photograph).

Loftus Zetland Junior School Football Team (1950)

The Archive originally featured this team from a cutting from “Remember When” from the Evening Gazette sent by Michael Cole a former member of the school team. However following a donation from Marian Toulson we can now display the team properly. Members are:

Back row: Tom Cummings, Derek Arden, Ronnie Knight, Sidney Robson, Peter Campbell, Ken Johnson, Michael Cornforth, Brian Cole.

Front row: Brian Hall, Reg Wilson, Mike Grant, Tony Trattles (captain), Alan Chester, Harry Jopling, Mr Richardson (Teacher).

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Back To The 1940′s Again.

Back row:  Herbert Pearson, Peter ‘Rusty’ Rowe, John Starsmore, Richard Rouse, Mike Bowers, Les Walker,  Brian Cole,  Terry Lofthouse, ? Pascoe, Brian Hodgson, Dennis Morrison.

Third row: Michael Laverick,  Alan Nicholson, Margaret Winspear, Rosalie Coultis, Rita Chadwick,  Hilary Robinson, Jean Pearson, Pauline Mann, June Cuthbert, Barry Crooks, John Knaggs.

Second row: Hazel Boddy, Margaret Coultas, June Watson, Shirley Atkinson, Doreen Ward, Pat Wodge, Wendy Coxon, ??,  Shiela Cook.

Front row: Terry Ellison, ??,  Geoff Hedge,  Geoffrey Hebditch, ? Purver, Richard Lythe, ??,  Norman Peart, David Watson.

Image and names courtesy of Hazel Collinson, thanks to Keith Smith for the update.