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Eskdale Tournament of Song – 1953/4

Loftus (Zetland) Junior choir at the Eskdale Tournament of Song in 1953/4.

Back row:  Dorothy Harmer, Kathleen Ellerker, Sandra Husband, Eric Lancaster, Robert Bradley, Norma Grainger, Maureen Jefferson, Ruth Simpson, Carol Goodwill

Second row:  Judy Mead, Christopher Williams, Brian Richardson, Heather Woodall, Hazel Laverick

Third row:  Rosemary Stonehouse, Margaret Theaker, Pauline Ferguson, Margaret Carver, Ann Winspear, Dianne Dunwell,  Dorothy Pledger(?)

Front row:  Mr Godfrey, Valerie Tate, Doreen Warrell(?), Frances Smithies, Dorothy Johnson, Eileen Benson, Jean Sawdon, Joan Craggs, Miss Currie.

Image courtesy of Margaret Urban (from a Doran of Whitby photograph).

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