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All Together Again



Former Loftus Co-op staff having a good reminisce.

Hello Again

Hello Again

At the reunion, this was a familiar scene, recognising an old friend and meeting again. Friendships were renewed and contacts re-established after periods of lost contact. The whole evening was enjoyed by all.

A 1959 Wedding

A 1959 Wedding

Dating from 1959, this lovely image of the Yeates wedding with the returning bridal party. Can we have assistance with naming all of the party? Perhaps you were there and have happy memories of the event? Sue Lynn has advised: “Bride and Groom are Diana and Denis Yeates – Diana Woodall as was. Behind Diana is Heather Woodall, the bride’s sister. Both were my Dad’s daughters from his first marriage. Both are now deceased, not sure if Denis is still alive. Parents of the bride were Cec Woodall (my Dad) and Ella Dobson I think. The coincidence here is that in the previous picture Jenny Dickinson mother of the groom in that picture is cousins of the bride and her maid of honour Heather.” Barbara McBurney assists with: “The small bridesmaid at the front on the right is Sandra Watson (maiden name Flockton).”

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Crier, many thanks to Sue Lynn and Barbara McBurney for the updates.

Loftus Co op Staff

Co-op male staff photographed in front of Trillo’s ice cream parlour; with ‘Lol’ Trillo in the doorway.
Back row: Ron Darby, Harry Waite (Manager),  Jack ? (storeman).
Front row: ? Smith, Harry Hall, John Conn.
Can we have assistance with names for the gentlemen and a possible date?

Enjoying the Sunshine at Trillos

Loftus Co-op staff, pose outside Trillo’s ice cream shop. Back row: Ron Danby, Harry Waite (Manager), Jack ? (storeman).
Middle Row: ? Cummings, Joan Hall, ??, Jean Harrison.
Front row: ??, ? Smith (?), Harry Hall, John Conn.
Again we would welcome assistance with names, can you help?

The Grey Christening

The Grey Christening

A lovely image of the Grey family christening at St Joseph’s Church.

Christmas at the Co-op

Loftus Co-op, 1950-1960s. Christmas with the staff of the grocery department:-
Left to right, Frank Winspear, Mary Smallwood, Margaret Vasey, Pam Smith, Marjorie Rigg, Ruth Webster, Audrey Magor, Graham Weed.
Two men seated, Harry Waite, George Scaife.

Many thanks to Keith Cook and Michael Matthews for the update on names. Keith has happy memories of the Co-op where he worked before moving away and has now gained contact with Marjorie.

The Endless Net

Richard Noble and Barry James retrieving the net after we hope a successful fishing session?

Image and names courtesy of family of Richard Noble.

Businessmen or Skelton Association for the Prosecution of Felons?

We have received a request for assistance from Peter Appleton; he tells us: “This image of a group of local businessmen was taken with permission, from Bill Danby’s website ‘History of Skelton-in-Cleveland’; it came to him from Shirley Wunifold (nee Skipper). As a result of my researches into the Skelton Association for the Prosecution of Felons, I believe the image depicts the attendees at one of its meetings during the 1950s. With the caption on Bill’s website, the following identifications have been established (left to right): Bob Garrett (Confectioner), James Ruddock (Butcher of Brotton, but formerly the Butcher at North Skelton), ??, Clarence Ruddock (Butcher), Cyril Ridsdale (Builder), Roland Whitaker (Newsagent), Bob Young (Butcher), Tommy Evans (Jeweller), Tommy Kingston (Chemist), Arthur Ellingham (Plumber), ??. Can anybody add further confirmation or, more importantly, correction of these identifications, or fill in any of the gaps?”

Peter has published a book about the activities of the Association from its founding in 1787 to its eventual demise in 1973. Peter would like to have the fullest set of identifications to go with the image when he uses it as an illustration. His book will be titled: My Granddad was a ”Felon”. Tommy Evans was his grandfather. Please respond via our comments tab as usual and all responses will be forwarded to Peter. Thank you.

Malcolm Covell has advised: “The Gent in the centre front row is definitely Bob Young” and Robert Ruddock has assisted with : ”The gentleman in the Dickie bow standing second left is James Ruddock my grandfather. Clarence, my father, was a butcher at the ‘top-end’ of Brotton as indeed was James.”

Image courtesy of Bill Danby ”History of Skelton-in-Cleveland” forwarded to the E.C.I.A. via Peter Appleton, who is requesting this assistance. Please be of assistance and many thanks to Robert Ruddock and John Pinkney for the updates.

Is This A Hole?

Preparing for fishing in 1982 we have (left to right): David Cocks, Richard Noble, John Ewens, Trevor McConnell and Joanne Ewens in the pushchair. John Ewens told us: “This is my daughter Joanne Ewens, who now has three children of her own. taken approximately 1982, I’m central in the photograph.”

Image and names courtesy of family of Richard Noble, also many thanks to John Ewens for the update.