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Christmas at the Co-op

Loftus Co-op, 1950-1960s. Christmas with the staff of the grocery department:-
Left to right, Frank Winspear, Mary Smallwood, Margaret Vasey, Pam Smith, Marjorie Rigg, Ruth Webster, Audrey Magor, Graham Weed.
Two men seated, Harry Waite, George Scaife.

Many thanks to Keith Cook and Michael Matthews for the update on names. Keith has happy memories of the Co-op where he worked before moving away.

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  • Did anyone know Majorie Rigg who worked at the Co-op Loftus, I worked with her but lost contact!

  • Victoria Rigg

    Is the dates on this photo correct? I think Majorie Rigg is my Granny (Margret Widass nee Rigg) younger sister.
    If it is she married in 1944 to Frank Jacques and moved to Bulmer

  • Keith Cook

    Hi victoria, I worked with majorie at loftus coop from July 1958 to january 1959. I then joined the Royal Navy and this is when I lost contact. Hoping this could help. Thanking you.Keith.

  • Victoria Rigg

    Hi Keith, Thank you for replying. Do you have any more information about Majorie? Who her parents was or if she had any siblings? I’m very curious to no if this could be my Granny’s little sister. Thanks Vicci

  • Keith Cook

    Hi victoria thanks for replying. The only other thing I can remember is that majorie lived in brotton. Unfortunately nothing more comes to mind.I think it’s called ageism. *

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