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CAN JOHN M. HOGARTH PLEASE CONTACT THE ARCHIVE WITH HIS NEW EMAIL, HAVING ADVISED OF HIS INTENDED ‘DOWNTOWN ABBEY’ SCREEN PLAY ABOUT THE HOGARTH FAMILY, PLEASE. FURTHER INFORMATION HAS NOW COME FORWARD. We get lots of enquiries about family history but unfortunately we do not have the time to do the research involved. However If you do have any questions about family history to people who have been identified or posted comments on the site, leave your request in the comments box below this photograph and we can put you in contact with them. Only the people who leave comments below this photograph can be contacted.
We do not pass on emails unless both parties are willing participants. This means WE WILL PASS YOUR EMAIL to these people who are genuinely interested in family history, BUT ONLY AFTER GETTING YOUR PERMISSION! We hold no responsibility for the passing of your email to these people.

The following are some of the requests we have more recently received for Family History:

Sue Smith enquired: “My great great grandparents lived in Brotton. Their names were John and Jane Cowens. They had 15 children. One of their children was Sarah my great grandmother. One of their sons John Wilson went to live in Australia. I am gradually trying to find out about the rest of the family. Any assistance would be great.

David asked: “I am trying to find more details of my birth father Leslie Welsh who lived in Marske in 1951/2. He may have been there on business but I’m not sure. My birth mother Mildred Brown lived in Emerald Street, Saltburn and worked at a Convalescence home. Any information on either of these would be helpful.”

Trevor Peace asked: “How do I find out about a 1920 burial of Armstrong Chapman. He was my wife’s Great Grandad from Skinningrove.”

Anne also asked: “i, I am trying to find out more information about my Great Grandfather George Leng, who resided in Staithes circa 1930 onwards. I believe he died in 1972 and is buried in Hinderwell Cemetery. Any information is greatly received.”

Other requests are listed in the comments below.

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