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Mrs Blades and her class (fourth years) – 1981

We asked for help as we could not put a name to anyone on this photograph loaned to us by Mrs Sakaropoulus. Can you name anyone?

Back row: Stephen Yeoman, Neil Skidmore, Shaun Bowman, Mark Hawkins, Graham Stringer, Paul Evans, Simon Whittaker, Michael Lanigan, Neil Knox, Martin Pountain, Mark Smith, John Hodgson, Michael Marsay, John Tomlinson, Colin Mason, Scott Bevons and Gary Dewsbury.

Front row: Amanda Patton, Tracy Taylor, Barbara Jacques, Emma Pauli, Clare Ditchburn, Sharon Couse, Sheena Flood, Emma Collin, Joanne Welford and at the front Heather ? and Theresa Dyer.

Joan Welford tells us: ”This is a Loftus Juniors picture. It is of Mrs Blades and her class of fourth years taken on the school field, probably before we were all due to leave for Rosecroft. And the year was 1981.” Scott Bevons commented: “Wow! I haven’t seen this picture since it was taken, well done Joanne Welford for remembering the names.” Colin Mason commented: “happy days. Still see Martin Pountain. Loved living in Lotus. I joined army; in Green Howard’s for 9 years. Now tanker driver living in Eston, hope everyone is fit and well.”

Image courtesy of Mrs Sakaropoulus and many thanks to Joanne Welford, Scott Bevons and Colin Mason for the updates on names.

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