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Easington Church Choir 1925

This photograph of Canon F. Read and the members of the church choir was taken at the Rectory.  Mrs. Taylor, the organist, is standing at the left.  Canon Frank Read is sitting in the middle.  Mr. Taylor, the lay reader, is sitting next to him, 5th from left.  Mr J. C. Morris is standing, 4th from left, in the back row of the choir.

Initially very few names were available, but R. Clarkson tells us: ”Back row (2nd in from banner) is Frederick Askew (my grandfather)”. Carol Barwick also tells us: ”back row (4th gentleman on the right) is my grandfather Wilf Robinson.”

Then Michael Grant advised: “I have just discovered your website and it occurred to me that you might be interested in the attached photograph from 1925 which includes my father (Ernest Grant), my grandfather (Benjamin Grant) and three uncles.

Back row: Mrs Taylor (organist), Mollie Foster, Margery Drake, Will Cook, John Cuthbert, John Trinder, Joe Morris, Syd Dawson, Will Sanderson, Wilf Robinson, James Garbutt, Fred Askew, Benjamin Grant holding banner, Eva Cook, Mary Severs, Miss Penfold.

Middle row: Syd Codling, Mr Dowey, Mrs Hibbard, Rev Frank Read, Mr Jim Taylor(choirmaster), “Darkie” Nellist, Eva Cook, Ken Foster.

Front row : Martin Grant, Norman Tose, ?Raistrick, ? Raistrick, Ernest Grant, Robbie King.

Can anyone help with the missing names, please?

Image (Photograph – copyright C. M. L. Taylor, Liverton Mines) and information courtesy of Beryl Morris, also thanks to R. Clarkson, Carol Barwick and Michael Grant for updates on names.

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