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A Blast From The Past

Yes we’re back in the 1940’s again at the junior school which is now the Community Centre in Duncan Place; some of the pupils are named, but can you recognise anyone?

Back row: Colin Watson, Brian Hall, Ernest Mead, Ronnie Knight, Gordon Robinson,  Harry Jobling, Peter Campbell, ??, ??, Michael Grant, Billy Parkin.

Third row:  Eric Laverick, Tom Williams, Kathleen Oglesby, ??, Pat Vasey, Pauline Mann, Ann Dodsworth, Mavis Cuthbert, Janet Theaker, Valerie Shaw, Maureen Ebbs, ?-Audrey?, Sydney Robson, Geoffrey Spearpoint.

Second row: Wendy Denton, Susanne Nelson, Judy Trowsdale,  Audrey Robinson, Eileen Robinson, Barbara Craggs, Sheila Wren, Marjorie Easton, Jean Shaw, Kenny Johnson.

Front row (kneeling) David Hore; (seated) Derick Arden, Tom Cummings, Derick Armstrong, Tony Trattles, Brian Lawson, Bobby Morrison, John Turnbull, Alan Chester, Reg Wilson.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Mike Hore and Audrey Hadfield (Robinson) for more names, also to John Keelty for the update.

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