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Guisborough Grammar School, April, 1956 – 1

The left hand section of a panorama photograph Guisborough Grammar School taken in April, 1956. I guess the first year are sitting at the front in their short trousers and the sixth form, or prefects, are sitting on the second row beside the staff.   Can anyone help with names, please?

Back row: ??, Ian Wood, Richard McLaughlan, Ivor Frankland, Barry Honeyman, Jeff Hurst, Pat Reddick, ??, Ernie Dowey, Robin Winn, Eric Waller, Robert Trattles, Ray Tuttle, Bill May.
Row four: Robert Crispin, Keith Watson, Michael Waller, Jim Hoggart, David Lloyd, Roger Barker, Dave Carey, Mike Grange, Robert (Jack)Carter, Mike Hoare, Keith Booth, Arthur Bailey, Malcolm Charles, Robert Padget, Clive Little.

Row three: Caretaker(Fred?), John Nellist, Alan Snaith, Esmond Crossman, Terry Carter, Leonard Hodgson, Alan Smith, Ian Scott, Barry Cleaver, Neil (Pip) Harrison, Jim Calvert, Derek Armstrong, Alan Chester, Winston Johnston, Ian Kehoe.
Row two: Ray Dawson, Mike Conway, Tom Sayers, ??, Vic Calvert, Eric Laverick, Malcolm Moore, Brian Beadle, M Lowe, Ron Bean, Tony Myers, Tom Maughan, ??.

Front row: Alan Benson, Lawrence Barker, Dixon Readman, Anthony Smith, John McLean, Howard Petch, Alan Harker, Howard Wood, Alan Marsay, Frank Willerton, Douglas Heatherington, Les Easom. Do you recognise anyone?

Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards (from a school photograph: copyright – Pandora Ltd. England) , thanks to Carolyn Richards, Owen Rooks, Norman Patton, Jayne Kennedy, David Hore, Ken Fawcett, Les Easom and Ian Wood for names to date,

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