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Adopted Foal

This image comes from a Whitby Gazette newspaper cutting, dating from 1963; with reference to ‘America’ Jack Welford. The full article read as follows: “In giving birth to a foal a 24-year-old mare, ‘Ginger’, died of a heart attack at America House, Hinderwell, the home of Mr and Mrs Jack Welford. Mr Welford and his family tried for 24 hours to feed the foal, named ‘Ginger’ after its dead mother, from a bottle, without success. As the last resort, Mr Welford put ‘Ginger’ to a 17-year-old Cleveland Bay mare, ‘Biscay Bay’, owned by Miss Ruth Kitching, of Goathland, near Whitby. ‘Biscay Bay’ already had a five-week-old foal of her own, but immediately accepted ‘Ginger’, and nursed him along with her own foal. Now. after initial jealousy by the ‘Biscay Bay’ foal, all three are happily running together on the farm.”

Image from a Whitby Gazette cutting (photograph having been taken by John Tindale of Whitby); courtesy of Derick Pearson. Thanks to Paul Brown for the update.

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