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Greetings From Staithes

This lovely postcard says it all with some lovely shots of Staithes, a busy scene on the beach and it looks as though the boats have come in after a busy day fishing.

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  • Danny Plews

    I remember Staithes as a Boy with my friends, we would get the bus from Loftus, I lived in Liverton Mines, and walk down into Old staithes and when we first saw the House with The First and the Last enscribed on it, we were very amused.
    I also visited the Methodist chapel, which was half way down the hill for The Guild Meeting, I remember vividly the Fishermen Choir, standing on the curved steps up into the pulpit – I can practically hear them now.
    I hope it has not been spoilt by the the Big Bucks purchasing all of the houses for Holiday Lets!

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