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Staithes School

A class at the old school at Staithes, with Mr Mitchell the Headmaster; some of whom still live in the village.

Back row: Richard Birch, Dick Crooks, Jackie Slater, Raymond Marsay, Chris Cummins, John Conn, Eric Hansell, Mr Mitchell (Teacher).

Middle row: George Hugill, Bobby Leng, Tommy Roe, Gordon Lewis, Gertrude Verrill, Mary Hustler, John Dowson, Ernie Dunn, Willie Wright, John Cole.

Front row: Sheila Marsay, Hilda Tyreman, Marg Trattles, Dorothy Porritt, Lov Harrison, Marg ’Luvvy’ Verrill, Laura Pearson, Jean Harrison, Eileen Elmore, Mary Verrill.

After asking for potential names, the responses filled the gaps; comments included; from Jackie Roe-Lawton: “Tommy Roe – my dad”, as well “Luvvy was my Sunday School teacher at the Congregational Chapel, just up from her house. She was always dressed VERY conservatively, even for 1960’s Staithes, until her mother; who she lived with, died. She was the talk of the village – she wore lipstick (Shock! Horror!), perfume and skirts where you could see her calves!! Also clothes that were bright colours! I vividly remember her being the talk of the village. When my mam stuck up for her; saying she was a woman full grown and surely she could do what she wanted; she was given what can only be called “old Fashioned Looks” by the Staithes women. Who forgave her – because she was from Middlesbrough, via Whitby (the family was evacuated during the World War II) – and she possibly couldn’t know any better!! I can’t be sure if Luvvy was so much under her mother’s thumb that she dared not dress herself as she wished when her mam was alive. She was a lovely kind person and a very good Sunday School teacher.”, Marion Smith with: “My dad Willie Wright still lives at Staithes”, as well as Bessie Hall with: “Thanks to Pat and Kay Heagney we hopefully named all the people on picture. My mam was on front row Dorothy Porritt.”

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn, thanks to Nina Edminson and Jackie Roe-Lawton for the updates. Also many thanks to Bessie Hall who with Pat and Kay Heagney who filled all the spaces left.

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