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Aerial View Steel Works

Taken in the 1950’s the Skinningrove iron and steel works were at full production and covered a large area. The four large chimneys are the exhaust chimneys for the furnaces on the melting shop; on the cliff edge can be seen No. 5 Blast Furnace.

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  • Danny Plews

    Please can someone HELP me?
    My father Daniel henry Plews unfortunately had a FATAL ACCIDENT at one of the Blast Furnaces. He worked in the Boiler Shop and was mating the chap that was going to Burn a Hole in the furnace Wall. Between 1955/56, a blunder regarding the Oxy-Acetylene Cylinders meant that the flame was neat instead of gas which back-fired and blew up, meaning that he was thrown from the scaffolding falling into a Water Catchment Tank.
    Can someone point out the Blast Furnaces on the Picture?

  • Terry Robinson

    No 5 blast furnace is the structure at the top centre of the photograph and was lit on 9th June 1952, the two old blast furnaces no’s 1 & 3 are just down to the right of no 5 ( difficult to be more accurate due to picture quality). By 1955/56 no’s 3 & 5 were in production with no 1 being refined.
    In the book Skinningrove Iron and Steel Works by Cliff Shepherd there is mention of an explosion on no 5 furnace whilst down for repairs during October 1956.

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