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Aerial ropeway – Bottom Section

This is the sight you would have seen entering Skinningrove,  from the Carlin How to Loftus road; Loftus mine was to the right and the ropeway took ironstone from the mine to the steel works on the top of the hill, on it’s return it brought shale which was tipped at the back of the mine.  This ropeway was known locally as ’the buckets’. This is a view of the bottom pylon of ’The Buckets’ complete with protective screen above the road. Just to the left of the pylon can be seen the air shaft for the mine. This airshaft still can be seen today, beside the entrance to the footpath up to Carlin How. The row of houses on the extreme right of this image is that of Overman’s Cottages, colloquially known as ‘Hoss Muck Terrace”; owing to the proximity to the surface stables for the mine.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, the David Linton Collection and others.

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  • Danny Plews

    This Picture is close to “Hoss Muck Terrace”, I used to walk past it going into Skinningrove.

  • A N Andrew

    There were two overhead bucket lines both went in opposite directions the stone line in the picture went to the works the slag line went over wood road to the slag tip near Loftus the bridge in the picture is where the stone tubs used to go into another mine in the hillside and then up to the works.

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