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Boulby School 1936

Boulby School educated the children from the iron sheeting clad cottages locally known as ”Tin City” Boulby. This is the class of 1936 and is possibly the last photograph of pupils at the school. We are aware that in May 1936 Mr Robert Graham (of 18 Boulby Cottages) submitted a petition signed by 22 of the residents to the Minister of Health in London objecting to Loftus Urban District Council’s clearance order which stated the properties were ”unfit for human habitation”. Shortly after that they were rehoused in Coronation Road, Loftus; interestingly one of the other residents of ”Tin City” also maintained a small shop and despite a ’promise’ from Loftus Urban District Council, no shop was ever built on the Coronation Road estate.

Back row: Miss Edna Hardy, Ron (Lol) Dowey, Bryan Hartley, Abel Roberts, Stan Fletcher, Bill Webster, Cuddy Webster, Lance Easton.

Middle row: Billy Adamson, Ray Husband, Harry Easton, John Kirby, Ray Conn, Iris Roberts, Peggy Trevor, ??, ? Thompson.

Front row: ??, John Conn, Ann Webster, ??, Doris Fletcher, Marian Roberts, ??, ??.

Can you help and identify any of the remaining people?

Image courtesy of Ray Conn, with thanks to Ray Husband and Marian Smith (Roberts) for assistance with some of the missing names; also to Eric Jackson with subsequent information about the petition.

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