Lingdale Junction No. 1

Lingdale Junction, recovery of engine N0. 1245, the accident on 5th November 1900 took place at the junction of two mineral branches near Brotton.  A train loaded with ironstone descending from Lingdale mines got out of control on the 1 in 6 gradient and was derailed at trap points at the junction with Kilton branch.  The engine 0-6-0 No. 1245 built at Darlington 1783, which was running tender first, at this point the line was on an embankment, when No.1245 was derailed it fell onto it’s right hand  side on the slope of the embankment. It was recovered using two sets of block and tackle anchored to the rails on which the engine stood to keep them in place.  Two further engines were attached to the tackle and as they moved away from one another No. 1245 was pulled upright.

Image and information courtesy of Derick Pearson.

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