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Loftus To Carlin How Viaduct

X marks the spot not of treasure, but of the unsafe pillar of the Loftus to Carlin How viaduct that caused it to be filled in with spoil from the mines. The condition of the pillar lead to the creation of the culvert to house the Kilton Beck and the infilling of the viaduct with iron stone mining waste to create the embankment we still see today. This image dates from 1911 and is from a T.C. Booth postcard. Simon Chapman tells us: ”Kilton Viaduct was infilled from 1907 to 1914 primarily so that ironstone could be worked from beneath it, particularly from the Carlin How mine. The picture was taken in 1911 when one pier cracked and train services were suspended for a fortnight in January 1911 while remedial action was taken.” During that fortnight “rail passengers were carried between Loftus and Skinningrove in Motor char-a bancs.” On consulting the postcard the sender comments ”The viaduct has been repaired and is now open for traffic.” Obviously this is an image from prior to the remedial action which Simon reports.

Image courtesy of John G. Hannah and thank to Simon Chapman and Derick Pearson for the updates.

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  • Danny Plews

    Very interesting; I can only know the viaduct which exists today. My Dad walked this path from Liverton Mines to the Skinningrove Works at Carlin How.

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