More Loftus Scouts (1960)

The same party, and now known to be a joint Xmas party for Loftus and Liverton Mines Scouts in 1962; but more boys in the picture.

Back row: George Hebron?, Mike Swales, Roger Hall, ??, ??, Derek Swales, Albert Goldby, ??, Norman Pass, Joe Ward, Mink Simpson.

Middle row: Graham Nellist, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, David Bateman, Michael Bateman.

Front row: ??, Colin Foster, David Hebron, ??, ??, ??, standing: ??, ??, ??.

Can you help with names of the Scouts?

Image and some names courtesy of John Hicks, thanks to Eric Johnson and Alan Walker for the updated names; also thanks to Joe Ward for additional information.

1 comment to More Loftus Scouts (1960)

  • Daniel (Danny) Plews

    I was born and bred in Liverton Mines at 25, Cleveland Street. I joined Carlin How Scout Group on my own, then my best mate Mick Matthews came along with me and then it snowballed when we had about ten of us going. After a while the Carlin How Troop, could not cope, so they formed the Liverton Mines Troop. It was good fun and all boys and girls should join this organisation. They will learn a lot!

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