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East Loftus

An aerial view of East Loftus, showing the United bus garage on the far right with the playing field behind. Later known as the Arriva garage and now merely the framework for the roof and rear wall remain! To the right of the garage is the cricket field with the bowling green just visible at the end of it.  A lovely clear view of the streets and to the far left you can see the cemetery, the road in the  foreground is the A174 to Whitby.

Image courtesy of Mrs Sakelaropoulos.

2 comments to East Loftus

  • Eric

    Just to the left of the left rear corner of the Bus Depot is a block of 4 Maisonettes on Robinson Court.
    They were built by Muirfield Builders of Norton to the same plans as similar ones in Eaglescliffe.
    Original the site was allotments belonging to local Joiner who lived just round corner on main road. The more recent properties on Robinson Court were built where his Joiners Shop had been.
    I worked for Muirfield and bought new one of the maisonettes when I got married.

  • Jeanne Simms

    Lovely photo, you can clearly see all the footpaths in the cemetery.

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