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Wesleyan Chapel, Brotton

This was the Wesleyan Chapel at Brotton. A fine Victorian building which stood on the upper part of the High Street, Brotton. We have the following information from the ’London Gazette’ 30th November 1909: ”A seperate building, duly certified for religious worship, named WESLEYAN CHAPEL, situated at Brotton, in the civil parish of Brotton, in the county of York, North Riding, in Guisborough registration district, was, on the 25th November, 1909, registered for solemnizing marriages therein, pursuant to 6th and 7th Wm. IV.c.85, Dated 26th November, 1909. 452 T. W. Bradley, Superintendent Registrar.” Ms J. Findlay advises: “Lovely looking at these pictures, I was christened there and spent many happy times at the “sunshine Corner in the 1950’s.” Susan Smith adds: “My Grandmother was born in Brotton (High Street) in 1899. The family attended a chapel and I wonder if it was this one.” Whilst Patsy Gallon tells the Archive: “My Grandmother was also born in 1889 and lived in Brotton for most of her life. She was called Elsie Rogerson.”

Image and information courtesy of Julie Riddiough, thanks to Ms J. Findlay, Susan Smith and Patsy Gallon for the updates.

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  • Both my grandparents attended Sunday school at this chapel. Mabel Garrett and Laurence Shingler, as did my grandmother’s brother Walter Garrett, who was killed n the 1st world war. I still have their Sunday school prize books, dating around 1900/1910.

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