Kilton Culvert

A photograph I have never seen before; visible are the arch legs of the Loftus to Carlin How viaduct in the background; and the culvert looks finished. This all prior to the infilling which took place 1907 to 1914.
Image courtesy of The Pem Holliday Collection.

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  • Chris Hogg

    My great grandfather and grandmother and their 4 children lived in Graham Street Liverton Mines at this time. Grandfather Bill Sollitt working at the mines as a painter. As a shelter from the Zeppelin Raids on Skinningrove Works during WW1 duckboards were laid the length of the culvert allowing the residents a place of safety from the bombing. As an aside one of my aunts was caught in Skinningrove during a raid and along with the other villagers sought safety in the mine. She said that most people brought in some of there prized possessions with the one family bringing in a coffin containing their recently deceased child.

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