Nellie Porritt, Husband Reg and Family

Derick Pearson told the Archive: ”This local beauty (top left) is none other than Nellie Porritt, who owned the shop in Carlin How square (which used to be the Skinningrove Amicable Society or Co-op many years before). Nellie was photographed by many and is even on some photographs with some of the ex-actors who performed at the Tivoli Theatre. Nellie’s husband Reg who was a United bus driver for many years is pictured beside her. Nellie was 100 years old when she died, the shop having been run for many years prior to her death by her daughter Betty Pennock. Others in the photograph could include Tom Thornton (Nellie’s brother) who also had a shop in Grosvenor Terrace.”

Ronnie Coxall advises: ”I think the lady fifth from the left, back row is Winnie Gettings (nee Lacey) who lived at 14 Mount Pleasant, where I lived from 1941 to 1946.”

Janet Price says: ”My mother lived in Carlin How and her parents owned the shop in Grosvenor Terrace until they retired and her sister Jenny and Tom Thornton took over.  My grandparents were called Reeve.  On the above photo my mother is seated bottom row fifth from left and I think it is her sister seated bottom right first in line (Jenny) and my father is John Gibson is at the back 4th from left (I think).”

Many thanks to Derick Pearson for the primary information, also thanks to Ronnie Coxall and Janet Price for the updates.

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