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Skinningrove, Albion Terrace

A lovely photograph of Skinningrove, not a lot has changed; the hospital has gone, as has Albion Terrace.,  which is the row of terraced houses in the foreground of our image. We asked can someone please help with was Albion Terrace once known as Long Row?

Peter Day asked: “Was this once called Albion Place? I have a family history going back and according to information they left, they once lived at Albion Place, which seems to no longer exist.”

Colin Hart advises: ”The terrace in the front of the picture is Albion Place which was demolished along with High Street, Chapel Street, Cliff Terrace and half of Marine Terrace in the 1980’s. Long Row is mentioned in one of the Skinningrove census records and the numbers are 1 to 28; the only street in Skinningrove with these numbers is New Company Row, built by Skinningrove Iron Co. When the terraced houses were built in the 1870′s they started at 1 Marine Terrace and the numbers continued until they ended with 172 Grove Hill.” Derick Pearson tells us: ”I may be wrong but I feel sure from my memories of old friends in the 1950s that this row of houses was once called YON FAR BACK by the locals.” Whilst Pauline Breeze asks: ”I am researching my family history back to Skinningrove, my great-grandparents were Will and Amelia (Wallace) Hart: 106 Albion Place, many great memories visiting them, my question is does anybody have any information on the people that lived there before them, William Smith family perhaps? Any info appreciated, also are you related to my family?”

There were also comments to this image regarding the Smith or Workman Smiths from Elaine, Easton family history from Christine Hindwell, from John Kennedy and his researches into Skinningrove history and Kathleen Hicks with comments about occupations of the occupants of Albion Place.

Many thanks to Peter Day, Colin Hart, Derick Pearson, Kathleen Hicks, Elaine, Christine Hindwell, John Kennedy and Pauline Breeze for these updates.

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