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Carlin How View

This view here is taken from Kilton Lane (outside the fish and chip shop) towards the Power Station and part of Muriel Terrace. At the bottom right hand side of the view can be seen the former Carlin How Grand cinema. This still has the doorway, canopy, windows and lobby on the gable end. We now are told by Peter Hallinan: ”this was the ’Grand Electric Theatre’ and was owned from 1915 to 1929 by Thomas Thomson, who was a pioneer of cinema ownership in the North East of England in the early 20th century.”

Terry Clark tells us ”The bunting as you say was jubilee flags and the power station is at the top of Queen Street and in it place now is a modern-day community centre. I am Carlin How lad, born and bred; I was born in Rawlinson Street on the 6th June 1965 (’D Day’ 20 years after WWII ended) and behind the power station was a black wooden building called the Club Hall as it was the very first youth club in Carlin How; then the bottom end of Carlin How had their very own youth club behind St Helen’s church, it later moved to the building next to the Chapel near Corus gate house (it was called British Steel Corporation – BSC – or as us young folk call it Billy Smart’s Circus).” Stephen Thornton asked about ”a foundry in Carlin How, on Bell Vue Terrace….It may have been on the site of the ’Old Picture House’.” Our researches have uncovered: ”Yes, the old picture house was used as Eric Peel’s foundry, until he got the new one built near the British Legion or the ’Bullet’ as it is locally know, the foundry was built where Bells Huts used to stand. Eric Peel went into partnership with ? Jones hence the foundry being known as Peel & Jones.”

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre, many thanks to Derick Pearson, Terry Clark and Peter Hallinan for the updates; also thanks to Stephen Thornton for the enquiry as well as to Brian Jemson (via Joan Jemson) and Maurice Pearson for the updates.

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