Marske Hall

The Hall, Marske; built in 1625 for Sir William Pennyman, it became a Leonard Cheshire Home for disabled people; named from the R.A.F Victoria Cross winner Group Captain Cheshire. This postcard view bears the heading on teh reverse ’Greetings from Marske-by-the-sea’.
Image courtesy of Kim Whaley.

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  • Nigel Anderson

    I was a student at this building when it was a school. I was there from 1950 to 1953. At that time the building was not in the best state of repair and always freezing! Punishment was to sit in the winter, with short trousers on the stone flag floor in the Hall. At the end of that you had to be helped up as you were frozen to the floor!
    There was a vegetable garden to the side where children were encouraged to help out.
    Very large draughty dormitories. Only pleasure was the organised horse riding along the magnificent sands at Marske.

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