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Brian Harrison and Gran (1957)

This young fella got a trike before I did – I was about 8 when I got my first bike!  My gran used to wear a smock as well! Where was the image taken – and which Brian Harrison is it – oh and what was the name of his gran? (I just know I’m going to regret this!)

Derick Pearson told us: ” This Brian Harrison was one of 3 brothers, John was another”. Whilst Rita Beckham told us: ”This photograph was taken outside the front of Lax Street, where the brick air-raid shelters stood. Mrs Harrison (I can’t remember her first name) had three children, youngest is Billie, Minnie the sister in the middle, Brian the eldest boy married and lived in Guisborough) and lived at no 32. We lived at 31 in a two up and two down; there were six children, mam, dad and gran. Next door down at no 30 was Lizzie and George Bilham, then at no 28 there were the Tinklers, at no 26 Ruby Campbell and family. Sure if I had time I could remember the rest of the residents of the street.” Keith Harrison added the final update: “The lady is my grandmother, Mary Harrison with my cousin Brian as stated by Derek Pearson. Mary had three children Ronald (Ronnie my dad), Bill (Brian’s dad) and Minnie. Ron married my mother Pat Cowen in 1947 and lives in Guisborough. They have 3 children Keith (me), Susan and Jane.

Image courtesy of Brian Harrison and thanks to Derick Pearson, Rita Beckham and Keith Harrison for the updates.

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  • Daniel (Danny) Plews

    My Mam was Elsie Plews Nee Harrison and we lived at Cleveland Street in Liverton Mines, having a relative who lived at Carlin How called Minnie and another, I think an aunt who lived opposite the pub in Brotton.

    Is this article connected?

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