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Outside Richelieu’s Shop, Carlin How Square, 1912

This image arrived to the Archive already titled, since then Derick Pearson reports: ”The owner of the Maynard Arms had carts/traps for hire, it being a popular business; there were coaching stables at the rear of the Maynard Arms in earlier times. The  shop at the extreme left of the picture was part of the Skinningrove Amicable Society Ltd, where miners/steelworkers could exchange tokens for goods. Latterly this became known as Porritt’s shop, being run by Nellie and then her daughter Betty Pennock. The shop to the right is Richelieu’s Post Office, Printers and Photographer (producing Richelieu Typo Postcards for many years); it continued as a Post Office later being run by Ivy Bassendale. The altered house in between was at one time Websters Barbers Shop. Interestingly the horse and trap are standing exactly where in later years the United buses bust stop was placed, when buses ran through Carlin How Square”.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre, many thanks to Derick Pearson the information update.

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