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Carlin How, British Legion Group 1950’s

Here they all are gathered outside the Legion or Bullit as it was locally known, where are they going? The ladies have got their handbags and their hats on so can we presume they are off on a trip?

Front row: Mr Lamb, Sam Thakery, Jack Hide, Mr Dale, Mr Raistreck, Mr Garbutt.

Back standing: ?? , ?? , Alfred Atkinson, Mrs Blaylock, ?? , ?? , Mrs Duffy, ?? , ?? , ?? , Mr Spedding (Landlord of Bullit), ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , Robert (Bob) Madden, Jack Wharton.

Others include: H Conway, B May, ? Watts, ? Gallagher, ? Gettings, ? Roe, ? Dale, ? Rowe, ? Madden, ? Cook, ? Robinson, ? Crossman.                                                                                                           

This image produced many comments; including Shiela Cotterill: “ My grandparents lived in Carlin how , Mary Ann Glasper ( nee Pearson and Bell latterly. My mother would take us there at every school holiday, we lived near Manchester. My grandad Tom Bell sometimes allowed us to go in the Bullitt, I remember a man who had one arm!! Not his name though they called him bandit, does anyone remember my grandparents?”; whilst Pat Buxton told the Archive: “The picture has my Grandad, he is the man on the right at the back wearing a hat. His name was Robert Madden (Bob). He was an engine driver at the works and lived at 16 Rawlinson Street. He had three children with his first wife Harriet, they were Dorothy,Robert and Walter (my dad). With his second wife he had a daughter, Sheila. He was a member of the “Buffs” although I don’t know much about this society and also Carlin How club. I will try to enclose a picture of him in Rawlinson Street with my Dad.” Tony Atkinson tells us: “The third gentleman standing from the left is my grandfather Alfred Atkinson”.

Image and names courtesy of Derick Pearson, thanks to Karen, Shiela Cotterill, June Clegg, Pat Buxton and Tony Atkinson for the updates.

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  • Tony Atkinson

    The third gentleman standing from the left is my grandfather Alfred Atkinson.

  • Tony Atkinson

    Thank you for your posts, they are very informative. It is so good to see old photos of family history. According to my father’s birth certificate Alf; lived at 22 Rawlinson Street and 1 Hutton Street at some time. I am wondering if the fair haired lady standing next to Alf is his wife Ethel formerly Foster.

  • Yes Alf lived in Rawlinson st. He had 3 children Donald Mavis and Ethel. His sister my Aunt Florrie (Lightfoot) lived a couple of doors away in the same street. Used to visit often . It could be his wife Ethel on the photo. Happy Memories.

  • Tony Atkinson

    Alf actually had four children, William (Bill my Father) Mavis, Ethel & Donald. Alf moved out to Rhodesia to join then a brand new Steelworks called RISCOM (Rhodesian Iron and Steel Company) about 1948 and he would have been about 50 then. My Dad also worked at Skinningrove but joined the army from 1943 to 195? My brother David was born in Saltburn in 1953 and soon after they left to join Alf in Redcliff, Rhodesia. Donald also joined them and the all worked on the blast furnaces.It must have been like home from home for them as there were many families from Skinningrove, Redcar and other steelwork towns moving there.At one stage there was Alf, Jack (Alf’s brother) Bill (my Dad) Donald all living within a couple of streets from each other. Alf & Donald moved back to the UK when Alf retired to live in Staithes with his daughter Ethel and her husband Jack Taylor. Mavis also lived in Staithes and was married to Maurice Pope. If you have any more photos of Alf i would appreciate to see them especially during the 1st World War. I have posted an article on him on the 1/4 Bat. Yorkshire Regiment website as he had a very eventful life. I have heard of Aunt Florrie from my families conversations but not sure if I ever met her.

  • Sorry Tony I forgot about William, Used to visit Ethel and Jack at Staithes with my Mam (Dolly ).Alf’s sister. Mavis husband Maurice was a musician in the forces I think. Another sister of Alf on the photo is Nelly Rowe 6th from the right.

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