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Carlin How School 1954 – 1955

Taken 1954 to 1955, in the hall, just outside the door of the Head Mistress’s class; who was then Miss Lena Thompson. All are named with certainty except Carol? or Judith? Roe. Other teachers at that time were Miss Garner, Mrs Potter, Miss Twaddle? Mrs Keen.

Back row (left to right): Ronnie Getting’s, Colin Myers, Robert Doe, Jeff Pegs, Brian Andrews (deceased), John Goldby.

Middle row: Brian Dredge, Gilbert Simpson, John Pearson, Colin Lancaster, Barbara Collinson, Carol ? Roe, Margaret Raspinson, Christine Bambrough, Michael Bowes, Derick Pearson, Colin Main (deceased), Alfie Arnold.

Front row: Jeff Hudson, David Husband (a twin), Billy Jacobs, Colin Robinson, Victor Stephenson, Tony (Nugget) Norris, Anthony Woods, Brian Husband (other twin) and Robert Jackson of the Keepers cottages Kilton at that time.

Image from a compilation by Derick Pearson, who also supplied the names.

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