Not the recent one but 1947, it lasted for 8 weeks, this photo shows Boulby Bank top with Tommy Jackson driving the snow plough. Now this scene I DO remember, boy was that snow piled high.

Image and information courtesy of Joan Jemson.

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  • geoffrey powell

    Yes a very interesting photograph, the person must have been wealthy as I at 78 yrs old can remember the first camera anyone possessed in our village and it was 1948/9…I think we all ought to carry a camera because the history is recorded as this is..
    A similar winter condition like this was in 1962 ,I was stationed at East Barnby RAF camp and being stranded on the Fylingdale moor where the Early warning station is..we had food dropped to us, Being a sensitive person I remember the sad thoughts passing through my mind of the poor sheep marooned and buried in the drifts..I was on 5131 bomb disposal sqn clearing the moor for a safe build , happy days .. thank you webmaster Geoffrey Powell ,formally Pallett changed name for family reasons…anyone who remembers me my email may be published…thank you

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