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Moving Lingdale Shaleheap 1983

Well the photograph is dated and tells us what is happening so there is no more for me to write. However Derick Pearson tells us: ” I was standing on what was the footings of Coral Street and North Terrace at Lingdale; I took this for the records of Lingdale local history at that time. The shale heap was being removed by George Carey Haulage. The man on the D6 digger and loading the lorries was George Found and the man in the lorry that day was George (Sooty) Thorpe. The bungalow you see was my father-in-laws and the red Volkswagen Caravanette on the driveway was mine.”

Photo originally taken by Derick Pearson and many thanks to Derick for that update.

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  • Derek Dobson

    Digger drive would often carve out tracks for the local lads on their motorbikes .must be about 1970, helluva lot gone, Sootie, had two fine lads known as young and old Soot. Peter, young, Mike?.

    • Derick Pearson

      Hi Derek, I bought the Red VW Caravette in 1983 (extreme right of the photo) and just took it down to Rays to show Him that day. I also bought a CE4 Camera 3 months earlier in 1983.This photo is from that camera. I Still have the reciept so I can assure you this photo was taken in 1983. Not 1970. Hope that helps.

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