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The Brine and Swimming Baths at Saltburn

A Friths postcard view of the original Victorian Baths beside the Square in Saltburn; opened officially by Arthur Pease Esq., on Monday 11th May 1891. The building faced (across Dundas Street West) towards the railway station, featured a central swimming pool which was filled with seawater from an inlet offshore close to the pier. The extensive facilities included; massage facilities, private brine, douche, and electric baths. The baths were demolished in July 1976 by Blair and Co. of Stockton and the present day swimming pool is part of the Leisure Centre on Marske Mill Lane. Callum Duff tells us: ”In relation to swimming pool facilities in the town, Saltburn Leisure Centre was never seen as a replacement for the demolished Brine Baths. The baths had been damaged by a bomb in WWII, this also destroyed a row of adjacent shops and the baths had been closed for some time before they were bought by Keith Watson in 1956. The building remained empty and was heavily vandalised until the site was bought by Tarmac Ltd in 1976 when the baths building demolished. Saltburn Leisure Centre actually opened in 1974 with the building being finally completed in 1975. As a young boy I remember visiting the soon to be opened building with my parents. Once during the day with my Mum where we stood in the cafe and watched the 25 metre pool being filled (perhaps for the first time) and another time with my Dad, Grandad and Brother where we had a look at the indoor bowling green and squash courts. I remember being in the 25 metre pool and looking out through the window to see workmen cladding the rest of the roof.” Richard Gowing has written: “I remember while a pupil at Glenhow learning to swim in this saltwater pool circa 1947 then it closed and we had to go to the baths at Redcar.”

Image courtesy of Julie Tyrka and additional information courtesy of ’Saltburn-By-The-Sea Revisited’; thanks also to Callum Duff for the additional information. Also Richard Gowing for his update.

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  • Richard Gowing

    I remember while a pupil at Glenhow learning to swim in this saltwater pool circa 1947 then it closed and we had to go to the baths at Redcar.

  • Katharine Broome

    I was a pupil at The Towers in 1940 & 1941 & we were taken to swim in The Baths. During WW1 my mother, Kitty Drake, had swum there. Her family had moved from Middlesbrough & lived at the top of Exeter Street. They were the first occupants & there were fields behind the house. By an odd co-incidence, my parents rented the house for a short time in 1942 after our home in Victoria Road was demolished in an air raid.

  • Allan Coates

    When I was a young boy in the early 1960’s who roamed freely around Saltburn I would play in many old buildings many of which have either gone or been converted. I had a den in the top of the tower at the swimming baths. When I think back I recall how dangerous it must have been climbing a vertical wooden ladder which was barely attached to the side wall of the tower. The swimming pool was filled in with builders rubble but still identiyable as a pool (large, square and deep sided). I seem to recall that there was an outdoor pool as well but that was also filled in with rubble.

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