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Carlin How – Brotton Road, early 1900’s

An early photograph of Railway Terrace, Brotton Road in Carlin How; the picture hides the then probably almost ”demonic” sight of the works behind this terrace for the  railway workers houses which were separated from the works by the Saltburn to Whitby coast line.  Neil Suckling tells us: ”The first house being the home of my great grandparents (Alf and Laura Suckling) from about 1885 till 1925, my grandad ,Andrew Suckling,was born there in 1902.” The 1911 Census lists the residents as: ’Alfred William Suckling (plate layer NER), Laura Suckling (Alfred’s wife), daughters Mary & Lydia, sons John & Andrew. All the children having been born in Carlin How.’ In later years Andrew Suckling was treasurer and Preacher at the High Street Methodist Chapel in Staithes.

At the extreme left of image is the water tank used by the locomotives to fill up before proceeding to Cragg Hall and the line towards Brotton. The building in the background (far right) was the engine shed built for the locomotives that worked the Skinningrove zig-zag. Until recently the floor, foundation stones, filled-in ash and inspection pits were all visible. (Information supplied by Mr Thompson, Derick Pearson and Neil Suckling)

Can anybody assist in identifying the lad and two small children included in the photograph.

Many thanks to Neil Suckling and Derick Pearson for updates. Also to Alison Crooks for her update which the Archive will follow up and be in contact.

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  • Alison Crooks

    I have an ancestor Robert Stainthorpe living at No 4 Railway cottages in 1911. His daughter died in Feb 1900 and he gives his address then at the inquest as the Railway Cottages. I know this does not confirm who the people are in the picture but he probably knew them and your ancestor too. Thank you for submitting the photograph.

  • park town

    Alfred William Suckling b1855 and Emma Laura Woodrow are my 1st cousin 4x removed whatever that means

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