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Carlin How Methodist Sunday School (Late 1950’s)

Carlin How Methodist Sunday School having won the Methodist Circuit’s Eisteddfod Shield.

Back row: ??, Mavis Young (later Hall), Dorothy Webster, Mrs Wilkinson, Betty Thompson, Carrie Nicholson, Mrs Brunger, Bob Brunger, Les Nicholson.

Next row: Roland Heseldine.

Third row: ??, ??, Joan Dart, Les Harker, Kathleen Danby, ??, Mary Cocks.

Second row: Christine Williams, Colin Myers, Kathleen Welford, Ian Matthews, Stuart Stonehouse, Chris Stone, Alan Young, Sid Bell, Alan Saunby.

Front row: Stephen Thornton, Norman Myers, Shirley Webster, Jan Carveth, Julie Worden, Brian Wilkinson, Tony Nicholson.

Help wanted please with missing names and the date.

Image from a collection by Derick Pearson, also thanks to Marilyn, Derick Pearson, Barbara McBurney, Tony Nicholson, Julie Howard, Les Harker and Robert Doe for names to date.

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