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Carlin How Methodist Sunday School (Late 1950’s)

Carlin How Methodist Sunday School having won the Methodist Circuit’s Eisteddfod Shield.

Back row: ??, Mavis Young (later Hall), Dorothy Webster, Mrs Wilkinson, Betty Thompson, Carrie Nicholson, Mrs Brunger, Bob Brunger, Les Nicholson.

Next row: Roland Heseldine.

Third row: ??, ??, Joan Dart, ??, Kathleen Danby, ??, ??.

Second row: Christine Williams, Colin Myers, Kathleen Welford, Ian Matthews, Stuart Stonehouse, ??, Alan Young, Sid Bell, Alan Saunby.

Front row: Stephen Thornton, Norman Myers, Shirley Webster, Jan Carveth, Julie Worden, Brian Wilkinson, Tony Nicholson.

Help wanted please with missing names and the date.

Image from a collection by Derick Pearson, also thanks to Marilyn, Derick Pearson, Barbara McBurney, Tony Nicholson and Julie Howard for names to date.

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  • Malcolm Nellist

    Stood in front of Mrs Brunger and Bob Brunger is Jean Cocks (my aunt)and the woman at the end of that row to Jeans left could be Mary Cocks (my mother) but the quality of the photo isn’t there at that end.

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