Oh No – Not Again!

The title sums up the image, the cinema is here, Covell the butchers is pictured complete with  Hillman Husky delivery van and bicycle in front of the shop. The bus looks like Kelly Watson’s Bedford bus; Eric Johnson tells us: “I remember Kelly Watson’s buses with the wooden seats, Ohhhh were they uncomfortable?  You didn’t want  to be travelling far on those!” Malcolm Covell tells us: “Yes it is my dad’s Hillman Husky in front of our shop, after that one we had a red one with a white roof (very posh!!); I think that was about 1956. Then in 1962 we got a black new model Morris Oxford. I think your date of 1950 is just a couple of years optimistic , I would put it at 1952. Yes I also think it’s Kelly Watson’s old Bedford bone shaker. I’ve got one or two photos somewhere I know I’ve got one from outside the angel inn looking across the empty market place to our shop with my dad and elder brother Dennis on the shop doorstep. It will be about 1955 / 56.

Thanks to Malcolm Covell for the update.

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