Loftus Market Place

The annual Loftus Wool Fair was the greatest event of the year for the town. It was held for two days, beginning on the Friday nearest to 25th June. On that occasion families from all round the area met in Loftus to join in the activities. The fair was held until the early 1930’s. The Cleveland Village Book written by the Cleveland Federation of Women’s Institutes tells us: ”Loftus has been a market town for many years and has always provided a focal point for the outlying areas. The ancient Wool Fair continued until fairly recently, the final one being in 1938, with the advent of the Wool Board.  A committee was formed to revive the Wool Fair and in 1989 a very successful attempt was made to do so, although the inherent ’wool’ of the Wool Fair was replaced by a feeling of celebration of an old market rather than the selling of the fleeces as in the old days. There is a building: situated between the present Post Office and the Town Hall which was previously the wool warehouse.”

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman.

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