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Guisborough Station

A good shot of BR Standard 2-6-4T 80118 standing at Guisborough Station with a local train. Alan Featonby tells us: ”80118 was allocated to Whitby (50G) shed at this time and is on Middlesbrough to Whitby service via Loftus, depending on the time of day it could have run to Scarborough.  The train, having run directly into Guisborough station from Middlesbrough, would reverse back to Hutton junction prior to changing direction once again to head towards  Brotton.  These 4MT tank loco’s were turned at Middlesbrough in order to run chimney first up Nunthorpe bank thus ensuring water was always around the firebox.  There was no Saltburn service between 1955 and 1958 when this photograph was taken. I suspect this train is the first return working on the last day of through running to Whitby in 1958 and it did terminate at Whitby.  80116 and an L1 doing the final honours on the Scarborough trains.  DMU’s then took over the service on the following Monday but from Loftus to Middlesbroug; the Esk Valley route then being the only route to Whitby from Middlesbrough.”

Many thanks to Alan Featonby for this explanation of this lines working systems at the time this image was taken.

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