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Loco Lads, Skinningrove

This photograph and others of the locomotive appear in the book ‘The Steam Locomotive Era of the Skinningrove Iron Company Ltd’ by David W. Husband [Published by Peter Tuffs, 2003]. The book gives the following information about the locomotive: ‘MINNIE’, built by Fox Walker of Bristol in 1878, works number 385. Entered service at Skinningrove in 1883, previously with John Waddell (of Paddy Waddell’s Railway fame!), contractor for the Loftus-Whitby railway, 1880-83. MINNIE was employed as a general use locomotive at Skinningrove and in this image is on yard and gantry duty about 1920. Over the years MINNIE was rebuilt, notably her cab and steam dome. She was the longest-serving steam locomotive at Skinningrove and probably the best-loved. In August 1965 she moved to the Kent & East Sussex Railway for preservation and was still in steam in the late 1970s. In 1980 she was presented to Dover’s Transport Museum and by 2003 was at the Mangaps Farm Railway, Essex.

Thanks to Alan Woods for the information.

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