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Seymour Hill

Next one is Loftus Seymour Hill. we are baffled a little with this one,  as the building in the center right which would be to the right of the Market place seems unfinished on the right hand Gable end. The angle of the shot is a little confusing but it must be looking at the Church area as the spire is visible. Seymour Hill is well established with trees growing and well established gardens. Paths from the gardens to road are well-worn and it is an old gravel road. The bay windows of the houses of Robinson Terrace are just visible on right. Come on you historians, fill in the rest.

Adam Cuthbert suggests “The building could be the former NatWest (previously National Provincial) Bank or the Golden Lion.”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, Derick Pearson and Joyce Dobson, also thanks to Adam Cuthbert for the update.

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