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Aerial View Loftus

Taken from the east, in the foreground is the roof of the Chapel then along Arlington Street, we see on the right the road to Spring Head and on the left Dam End, the road widens at the Market Place. The road on the right of the photo is the road that leads up to Micklow lane. A lovely clear postcard view believed to have been sold by Ford’s in the early 1960’s, although unsure of date of production. However Norman Patton points out: ”I suspect that the church in the foreground is the Newton Memorial Chapel which was damaged beyond repair in the bombing of 1941 and demolished.  It also appears that the beautiful and large Methodist Chapel near to the Arlington Hotel had not been built when this photograph was taken and yet I remember attending in my earliest days (early 40s)!!  There is an obelisk at the east end of the market square which I don’t remember seeing in my life and I am not convinced that the War Memorial is in the picture.  I don’t know how many of these observations are accurate but given the number of what appear to be motor vehicles on the road,  I am guessing about 1920………don’t forget the aeroplane!?” Richard Watson comments: ”Would concur with Norman’s observations — the houses now opposite the recreation ground on Micklow Lane also are absent — the 20′s would seem a good guess.”
Image courtesy of John G. Hannah and thanks to Norman & Richard for the updates.

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