Guisborough Grammar School May 1961

This is a fourth form class from 1961; John Roberts (who loaned the photo) has remembered some names. Can you add any?

Back row (left to right): James Dixon, Michael Briggs, Graham Blaylock, John Roberts, Glyn Wright, Stephen Stringer, Peter Wells, Michael Carter, Rolf Thorpe.

Middle row: Peter Wood, Barry Westbrook, Stephen Teasdale, Michael Clydesdale, John Arthur Walker, David Park, Robert Doe, William (Bill) Brooks, Richard Staines,Paul Featherstone.

Front row: Ian Winship, ??, David Thornton, Jonathan Reader, Mr Catchpole, Arthur Foster, Robin Edwards?, Richard Schofield, Kenneth Pellant.

Image courtesy of John Roberts, thanks to Robert Doe, Peter Wood and Ian Winship for the updates.

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