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Railway Bridge over Liverton Mines Road

A clear photograph of the old bridge and to all those who passed underneath it the roman numerals (not in sight here) are forever remembered MDCCCLXXIV.  Shirley Tutton (nee Cockerill) tells us: “I was one of those children who passed this way every day on my way to school in the early 1960s. The Roman numerals are often recalled as my point of reference to work out the answers in pub quizzes.” A new bridge now spans the road built to accommodate the freight trains from the Potash mine at Boulby.

Bryan Richardson tells us: ”I remember a cyclist being killed when he collided with a wagon at this bridge in the late 50′s. I think this photo was taken at this time which would explain the policeman stood under the bridge and the crowd of onlookers near the wagon.” Thanks to Bryan for that update.

With information now received we can give a definitive comment about this image: ”The young man that was killed was Ron Jemson, middle child of five children of Charlie and Freda Jemson of Steavenson Street, Carlin How. He was in collision with Charlie Bower’s coal lorry (this can be seen in the background of this image) under the railway bridge. Ron was only 23 years old and married for six weeks. He was cycling down to Loftus to collect his sister-in-law’s purse which had been left in a fruit shop on Station Road.”

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson, with thanks to Bryan Richardson and Shirley Tutton for the updates; especial thanks to Joan Jemson for the account.

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