Steelworks Gloom

A gloomy shot of a distant blast furnace and the single one at Skinningrove Iron and Steel Works. The building on the right in the middle distance with the ”saw-tooth” roof would be the fitting shop, behind that is the Blacksmith’s Shop with the big extractor on the end chimney. Behind that is visible the Sinter Plant and the blast furnace of course is Number 5. Mike Robinson tells us: ”I am sure that the dark building in the foreground to the right of the railway lines is the corner of the timber store on the end of the joiners shop. We often had derailments outside.” Eric Trembath further assists with: ” Yes; that was the joiner’s timber store, the riggers department took it over when the joiners shut and we used it for storing wire slings and crane ropes until I retired in 2008. This building was always a sore point with the works manager but we managed to keep hold of it.”

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson, thanks to Mike Robinson and Eric Trembath for these updates.

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