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DMU in Guisborough Station

The ubiquitous Diesel Multiple Unit, workhorse of the post-steam era, in this case a Metropolitan-Cammell set, waits at Guisborough station, the station closed in February 1964. Bruce Walton tells us: “I was on the last service train from Guisborough, I have some photos somewhere. A Metro Camell DMU is preserved on the NYMR and I believe on at least one other heritage line.” Russ Pigott advises: “There are several preserved around the country, I bought one a few years ago on behalf of the North Norfolk railway in Sheringham.” Also an update from Peter Cook: “The ‘Now & Then’ magazine has a two page article “The last Goodbye”; in issue No. 59 pages 22 & 23 with photographs; about the final train leaving Guisborough station.”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection; also many thanks to Bruce Walton, Russ Pigott and Peter Cook for the updates.

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